Professional quality with 'Cool Zone' for a crispier french fry and cleaner longer
lasting oil.
Powerful 3 loop heating element for efficient heat distribution giving faster, more consistent cooking and a crispier, healthier fry. 

Professional system : Special 'Cool Zone' for a longer life and clean oil without smell or taste transfer. 
Above the cool zone the oil reaches the required temperature, therefore food falling into the cool zone doesn't continue to cook meaning the oil stays cleaner for longer.
Reduces smells and helps prolong oil life.

30 minute timer control with bell alarm and auto switch off function to adapt the cooking according to​ quantities.
Adjustable temperature control (with Neon indicator light) from 60 to 180◦C to adapt the cooking according to food​ (crumbed fish fillets​, French fries​, doughnuts & pastries).
Dishwasher safe frying basket, outer body, lid and bowl for easy cleaning.

High quality stainless steel
Large capacity: 1.1kg french fry